Tax Preparation

Few people look forward to the overwhelming process of filling out tax forms. Let our team help.

The Process

A check-list is provided annually to our clients to help collect tax documents and answer a few important tax related questions to ensure all basic and important tax facts are noted.

While preparing income tax returns;

We will ask questions to seek the maximum tax deductions that our clients are entitled to.

We will compare your tax situation with prior year’s to ensure we cover all grounds.

We will use web based tax software to prepare returns that allows our clients to securely upload their tax documents remotely without compromising their privacy and enable our team to keep up tax regulations.

Tax Refunds or Taxes owed

If you wish to discuss the best use of your refund, we have the expertise/experiences to lay out some possible options to consider.

On the other hand, if you owed large sum of taxes, we could also help you to figure out some payment solutions. For example: IRS does offer installment payments (with higher interest rates).

Post Tax Filing

After the tax returns are filed, we offer optional comprehensive tax planning for the following years at your request.

What If’s

In the unlikely event that your returns are selected for audit, we will handle the correspondence throughout.

In addition, we will be your advocate if the auditor pays a visit. We work with the auditors by supplying what they request timely and in an easy-to-understand format; this way, we could reasonably expect to minimize the time frame of the audit.

If your tax situation changes dramatically due to life changing events, such as (but not limited to): winning the lottery, marriage, divorce or widowed, we are here to help figure out your “new” taxes position.

Beyond the Border

Please keep in mind that we work with individuals, families, and small businesses around the country.

Reading newspapers, talking to friends and researching on the website, all might help you understand the taxes involved in your situation and probably could get you started in preparing forms and even filing with various taxation authorities. But at the End of the day, wouldn’t you like to have a peace of mind and have confidence that you put the filing to rest?

We offer a free thirty-minute consultation to get you started.